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A multi-function sleep system with advanced sleep tracking and custom light and sound programs

Withings Aura is a hi-tech sleep system that combines in-bed sleep monitoring, with customized sound and light effects that help you both fall asleep and wake up in the best possible way.

The Withings Aura Total Sleep System consists of the bedside unit and an accompanying under-the-mattress sleep sensor. The Aura features multicolored LED lighting and a high-quality speaker system which enable the science-based built-in sleep and wake programs.

Choose to fall asleep to crashing waves, angelic voices, specially commissioned music track or any of the other sleep soundtracks, whilst ambient, ‘melatonin-friendly’ lighting effects gradually fade into darkness. In the morning, Withing’s smart alarm system wakes you at the optimum light phase of your sleep cycle, starting gently and ending in an energetic light and sound show to simulate the rising sun.

If you don’t want to use the built in sound programs, Withings Aura can connect to Spotify and over 10,000 digital radio stations so you’ll never run out of sounds to choose from.

Sleep tracking comes via the pneumatic under-mattress sensor pad. Using ballistocardiography, the sensor measures heart-rate, breathing and movement to detect light sleep, deep sleep and REM.

Automatic tracking means you don’t have to pair your smartphone, just lie down on the bed and Withings Aura starts measuring your sleep straight away. The Aura also detects light, noise and temperature levels in your bedroom to monitor any disturbances which might be affecting your sleep patterns.

Withings Aura Features and Benefits

  • high-quality, scientifically validated light and sound programs for sleep and waking
  • advanced, automatic sleep tracking with no manual intervention required
  • use the Withings Aura to listen to Spotify and 1000s of internet radio stations
  • data is synched automatically to the Withings Health platform and your app
  • simple touch-sensitive operation to control light and sound levels

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