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SleepGadgets.io is the brainchild of Jeff Mann, the founder and editor of Sleep Junkies, a sleep awareness blog serving millions of visitors since 2012.

No. We do not sell any products here, we are simply linking to products you can find on other websites like Amazon, KickStarter, IndieGogo or the manufacturer’s website.

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We focus on consumer sleep technology and innovative sleep products. This includes a wide range of devices including sleep trackers, baby sleep gadgets, sound machines, light therapy, insomnia and relaxation aids and lots more.

We don’t cover the traditional bedding market – beds, mattresses, pillows, or sheets – unless there’s a unique ‘smart’ twist to the product. Nor do we cover medical sleep devices, CPAP/sleep apnea therapy, sleep apps/software, foods, supplements or pharmaceuticals.

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