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QuietOn Sleep - World's most powerful snoring killer
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Advanced noise cancelling wireless earplugs perfect for blocking out snoring

Founded by two ex-Nokia engineers with over 20 years of product design experience, QuietOn hit the scene in 2016 when it raised $1.3 million on IndieGogo for its first generation of noise-cancelling earplug technology.

Two years laters, the company has released its second generation - QuietOn Sleep, a pair of noise-cancelling wireless earplugs specifically optimized to block out snoring and for ultimate comfort whilst you're asleep. After another successful crowdfunding project, QuietOn Sleep is available for pre-order from $159.

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Like the Bose SleepBuds, the QuietOn Sleep earbuds are not designed for listening to music. But unlike the Bose approach, which uses sound masking (ie white-noise type sounds to distract your mind), QuietOn Sleep uses noise cancellation to actively block out external sounds.

QuietOn Sleep User Reviews

More effective than foam earplugs
Whilst traditional foam earplugs use passive attenuation to stop sound entering the ear, they're really only effective at blocking high and mid level frequencies, and quite poor at blocking anything lower than 500Hz.

QuietOn Sleep combines the benefits of in-ear passive earplugs with active noise cancellation which provides noise reduction across the whole audible spectrum, and optimized especially for blocking out low frequencies such as snoring and noises coming through walls ie your neighbours late night party.

The earplugs are also ideal for grabbing some extra peace and relaxation on your daily commute, isolating you in an envelope of peace and calm. The same goes for the noisy environment of an airplane cabin.

QuietOn Sleep in bed

Comfort is of vital importance when you're trying to sleep so QuietOn Sleep features a fully in-ear design with ultra soft cushioning - and they've managed to considerably shrink the size of the earplugs which are 40% smaller and 50% lighter than the first generation QuietOn.

The makers have also added a handy feature whereby if you need to be able to hear you can simply tap the outside of the earplug to bypass the noise-cancelling and enable the hearing mode.

The earplugs come with an AirPod-esque charging case which automatically initiates charging when you place them in the case. A full charge takes only one hour.

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Since founding QuietOn in 2015 the company has sold over 20,000 units to more than 120 countries, and gained industrial certification as a hearing protector.

QuietOn Sleep is the improved, latest generation of their active noise cancelling earbuds and is available for preorder

Features and benefits:

  • Active noise cancellation optimized to block out snoring and low frequency noise
  • 20-hour battery life ensures peaceful sleep for two nights without charging
  • Switch between hearing and blocking modes with just the tap of a button
  • Compact design makes them the perfect companion for traveling

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