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Bose SleepBuds are a pair of wireless noise-masking earbuds with built-in soothing sleep and relaxation sounds

Bose, known to be experts in the noise-cancelling industry with a wide range of noise-cancelling headphones available on the market has now introduced SleepBuds!

What makes the Bose sleep buds noticeable is that they don’t play any music. Like any normal earbuds, you can also pair these earphones with your smartphone. However, instead of MP3 files, you can choose a soothing soundtrack from the Bose Sleep app.

The app comes with ten pre-installed sounds with a range of relaxation boosters, and you can choose one which you find the most soothing.

The earbuds come in a silver, puck-shaped charging case. Before going to bed, simply take them out from the case and put them in your areas. Next, pick out the track and adjust the volume as well as the duration. If you raise the volume too high, the app sends a notification that you might not hear surrounding sounds like your alarm.

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However, you don’t need to worry too much about missing the alarm as the Sleepbuds have a built-in alarm that is toggled on in the Bose Sleep app. The track playing in the earbuds slowly fades out, and the alarm starts blaring, waking you up.

Featuring silicone tips and a pair of wings, the earbuds are available in three sizes; large, medium, and small. Moreover, they are highly comfortable and don’t shift or fall out even if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep.

bose noise masking sleepbuds app
Bose SleepBuds feature built-in soothing sounds to mask noise in the bedroom

The charging case for these earbuds come with separate compartments for each earbud, and there are magnets that pull them into place. There are LEDs fitted on the case that tell you the buds are charging, and five lights placed in the center tell you the charging status of the case itself.

Bose, like always, has gone the extra mile and add some thoughtful touches. For example, the bottom of the case is made of rubber so that the container doesn’t skid across your nightstand if you accidentally manage to hit it.

These earbuds also feature excellent battery life and can last up to 16 hours in just one charge. So, you get roughly two nights of sleep. Moreover, the charging case can also provide another 16 hours which means you can use the buds for a week before you need to charge them.

Bose SleepBuds Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy soothing sounds that these noise-masking sleep buds have to offer that have been tuned to drown out external sounds optimally
  • Feature a small size that enables them to stay in one place all night, even if you prefer sleeping on your side.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery that offers up to 16 hours of uninterrupted, deep sleep.
  • The functional Bose sleep app provides full control as it lets you select your preferred sound, adjust the volume, choose the duration for which you want to play and set an alarm
  • The earbuds come with a convenient and compact storage case that keep the buds safe and charged till you need to use them again. The case also offers one additional charge without plugging it in.