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Zeeq Smart Pillow tracks your sleep, stops your snoring, streams music and audio and much more

Zeeq smart pillow combines smart functionality with luxurious comfort to give you the best, most relaxing sleep possible.

The pillow packs in an incredible amount of technology, including snore detection and prevention, wireless music and audio via Bluetooth, sleep tracking and analysis, smart home integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa, sleep cycle alarm clock, music timer and lots more.

The snore alarm feature uses microphones inside the pillow to detect your snoring and emit a gentle vibration when it reaches a preset decibel level so you stop snoring and adjust your sleep position without waking your partner.

If you want to listen to audio before you fall asleep, use the Zeeq app or your favorite music streaming app like Spotify, to play music, listen to audio books, listen to soothing sleep sounds or white noise and more through the pillow’s 8 evenly-dispersed, super-thin speakers. With the auto-shutoff function, you don’t even have to worry about turning off the audio before you fall asleep.

In the morning, you can wake up refreshed to a smart alarm that activates during your lightest sleep cycle. Then you can check your SleepScore on the Zeeq app. Zeeq’s 3 axis accelerometer and audio sensors measure sleep movement and snoring to give you a helpful analysis of your nightly sleep quality.

The smart pillow is built for comfort. To adjust the pillow’s firmness to your liking, you can reach in and easily remove some memory foam. The pillow cover is also made with tencel botanic fabric, which regulates temperature and wicks away moisture.

All of the settings, such as power-on and off, volume and more, can be adjusted on the iOS and Android compatible Zeeq app or by using the built-in remote which tucks away into the pillow’s storage pocket. The Zeeq is smart home compatible and connects with Amazon Echo for sleep reports through voice controls. It also has an extended battery with 2-week life.

Zeeq Pillow Features and Benefits

  • Detects snoring and gently vibrates to adjust your sleep position
  • Tracks your sleep cycles, snoring and nightly restfulness
  • Built-in smart alarm wakes you at the optimal time
  • Play music from your phone or any streaming app to help you fall sleep
  • Two-week extended life battery

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