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The Snoo Smart Sleeper is the ultimate hi-tech baby bassinet to sooth your newborn to sleep using the latest technology

Co-designed by pediatrician, parenting expert, author Dr Harvey Karp, and award-winning designer Yves Behar, the Snoo Smart Sleeper is a hi-tech, robotic baby bassinet described as ‘the first major innovation in infant beds in over 1,000 years.’

At first unassuming to look at, the Snoo Smart Sleeper features a wealth of cutting edge technology to make a crib that’s safer, smarter, and to guarantee better sleep for the first 6 months of your baby’s life.

The only bed to meet all American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations, Snoo’s radical innovations have been featured on the Dr Oz Show, Today, Parents magazine, Wall Street Journal and CNN and has been praised by celebrities including Molly Sims, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Dr Harvey Karp inventor of Snoo
Dr Harvey Karp inventor of Snoo


At over $1000 this bassinet is not an inconsiderable investment, however, Snoo packs an incredible amount of carefully thought out design and technology, and more importantly, has been successfully tested with over 200 babies and shown to decrease baby’s crying and increase restful sleep.

It is designed with dual mesh walls for safety and breathability and comes with 3 doctor-designed “Snoo Sacks” (special swaddling cloths) and organic fitted sheets.

Here are some of the main features of the Snoo Smart Sleeper:

Keeps your newborn safe

Using the Snoo Sack,  a patented swaddle system which safely and comfortably clips to the bassinet bed,  Snoo ensures your baby is secure and is always sleeping on their back and doesn’t move around in the crib.

The Snoo snack is the only swaddle with roll-over protection and features a hip-safe design with mesh panels to prevent your little one from overheating.

Increase the amount of sleep

Snoo boosts the amount of sleep your baby would normally get by mimicking the natural calming reflexes of movement and sound that babies experience in the womb.

It does this by detecting the slightest sounds and movements your newborn makes, detecting the earliest signs of fussy sleeping and/or crying, and intervening to soothe your baby back to sleep.

Sleep sounds

Snoo’s smart technology delivers specially engineered white noise sounds  – soft rain for soothing sleep and womb sounds to assist with crying – to calm fussing babies, usually within a minute.

The crib features multiple built-in microphones to detect sound, and clever hidden speakers to calm your baby.

Smart swing

In addition to soothing baby sleep sounds, Snoo features a smart swing which provides a gentle rocking motion to lull your baby to sleep.

The fully flat swing avoids the hazard of putting babies on an incline which the AAP has declared can be a suffocation hazard. The swing’s robust drivetrain, is tested for 10 million cycles of continuous movement, and gently rocks your newborn all night or throughout their nap, keeping them sleeping calmly.

If your infant is crying, the swing will initiate a faster jiggling motion to further calm them.

By responding with gentle these sleep sound and motion cues, Snoo Smart Sleeper help babies to learn how to self-soothe which removes the need for harsher “cry it out” sleep training.

Snoo is made for newborns 6 months and younger and utilizes Dr Karp’s famous  5 S’s of baby sleep, swaddle, side/stomach position, shush, swing, suck, as promoted in his book, Happiest Baby on the Block.

Using Snoo

To use Snoo, you must first place your baby in the Snoo Sack, an innovative swaddle that safely straps your newborn into the bassinet, without and fear of them moving around.

The Snoo Sack’s safety clips to the side of the crib to ensure your baby always stays on their back, the safest possible position for them.

Snoo Crib is like a personal night nurse and is designed to help tired parents with newborns cope and get more sleep, which ultimate helps them be better parents for their child.

Although it’s a premium purchase, Happiest Baby offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied in any way with your purchase. Also, there’s 0% financing is available to help new parents purchase their Snoo Crib.

If you can’t afford to buy one new, also to watch out for is the possibility of picking up a used Snoo Smart Sleeper on one of the auction sites like Ebay or Craig’s list.

Snoo Features and Benefits

  • Built-in microphones activate calming white noise and automatic rocking when baby cries
  • Doctor-designed “Snoo Sack” swaddling cloths keep your baby on its back, the safest position for baby
  • Crib’s robust baby-rocking drivetrain is tested for 10 million cycles of continuous movement
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied in any way
  • 0% financing available ensures you can get the best for your newborn

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