Nemuriale Japanese sleep aid
Nemuriale sleep aid relaxation heartbeat

Hailing from Japan, Nemurierale is a sleep and relaxation aid that calms you by beating like a heart for 20 minutes

Whether you are feeling stressed or have a difficult time getting to sleep, the calming heartbeat of Nemuriale offers a familiar and relaxing comfort.

Nemuriale is a egg-sized device that fits into a black, plush “I (heart) SLEEP” zippered case. Press and hold the button on the egg for two seconds to turn it on. The egg will vibrate with a heartbeat-like rhythm, getting softer and softer over 20 minutes until it automatically shuts off.

Found to be effective for people dealing with stress, anxiety attacks and insomnia, the device provides relief because of its comforting human-like heartbeat rhythm.

The device is small, soft and portable. No charging cord is needed because it works off of battery power. It’s goes great from the bedroom to the office, helping you relax wherever you are. Safe for people six years old and up.

Features and Benefits

  • Small, egg-shaped device fits into soft, plush “I (heart) SLEEP” zippered case
  • Vibrates with heartbeat rhythm, beating softer and softer over 20 minutes to lull you to sleep
  • Relaxing, non-medical solution for stress, anxiety attacks and racing mind
  • Can be used on its own or inside a plush toy
  • Safe for users 6 years old and up

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