MagicLight Pro Smart Led Lightbulb

MagicLight Pro LED Smart Lightbulb

The MagicLight turns any light fixture into an intelligent lighting system with almost infinite smartphone-controlled options.


The MagicLight is so much more than just a wake-up light and dawn simulator. It’s a smart LED light bulb that’s fully controllable from your Android or iOS device.

It’s the same size and basic shape as a normal incandescent bulb but uses 40,000 hour long-life LEDs that consume just 7 watts of electricity, saving money on your power bill. To use it, just screw it into any standard light fitting and download the app to your device.

MagicLight Pro Sunrise and Sunset Alarm

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The app presents you with a wide array of features. For example, instead of being fixed to a 30 or 60-minute wake-up timer, you can set the timer to any value you choose. You can program multiple sunrise or sunset alarms for different days of the week.

You can also set the starting and ending brightness values as well as set it to any color you want. In fact, you can choose from a pallet of 16 million different colors, it's all up to you.

New Features! MagicLight® Bluetooth Bulb with Sunrise & Sunset Features by new App " MagicLight BT"

The list of features is almost dizzying: from 20 pre-programmed modes such as cross fades and strobes to a ‘music sync’ feature that syncs the light to your music for a fun party effect or a relaxing, meditative atmosphere to ‘camera mode’ where you select color tones from any photos on your phone.

MagicLight Pro app controlsFeatures and Benefits

  • Complete control of your lights without getting out of bed – connected through your iOS or Android device
  • Program to any sunrise alarm length and maximum brightness level – same for sunset function
  • Personalized color in your control - choose from palette of over 16 million colors
  • Simple setup – just screw it in, download the app and it’s ready to go
  • Save on your electricity bills – uses 40,000 hour energy-efficient LEDs

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