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White Noise for Babies – Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Review
Hatch Baby Rest nursery light
Hatch Baby Rest Night Light
HatchBaby Rest Nursery Light

Baby Rest by Hatch is an app-controlled, easy to use night light and sound machine

Featuring a modern design, Baby Rest is lightweight (13 ounces) and cylindrical with a speaker on top and manual button controls on the bottom. Use the buttons on the bottom or control everything from the free Android and iOS compatible app.

The nightlight can be set to an almost infinite amount of colors from the color wheel on the app. The color can also be dimmed, perfect for comforting your child without waking her. You can also let your kid have fun with the colors, which change just by tapping on top of Baby Rest. The nightlight can stay on all night or be set to a custom auto-off timer.

In addition to nightlight, Baby Rest is also a sound machine featuring 11 standard sounds including white noise, soft nature sounds and lullabies. Whether you have friends over in the evening and don’t want to disturb your young one or you want to comfort your child to sleep, play any of the built-in soothing audios.

Baby Rest is fully programmable, customizable and controllable from the smartphone app. You have the ability to turn it on or off, change volume, brightness, color and sound right from your phone.

Furthermore, you have the ability to set custom sound and light programs. This means you can set custom programs that get your child on a healthy sleep schedule, letting him know when it’s bath time, bedtime or when it’s OK to get up in the morning. Those extra 10 minutes in the morning can be a real help for exhausted parents.

Baby Rest includes a standard AC power adapter to power it. And it’s safe: it’s cool to the touch, communicates through low-energy Bluetooth and is made with LED lights and non-toxic ABS plastics.

Hatch Baby Rest Features and Benefits

  • Creates ideal sleep environment for your child with night light and sound machine functionality
  • 11 preset nighttime and white noise sounds drown out house noises and help your child sleep
  • Conveniently controllable through free Android and iOS compatible app
  • Program presets for bath-time, naps, bedtime and wakeup
  • Safe: cool to the touch and communicates through low-energy Bluetooth

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