Dreampad relaxation pillow
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Dreampad Relaxation pillow
Dreampad Music Relaxation Pillow

Dreampad Sleep Pillow uses patented vibration technology to play relaxing sounds without disturbing your bed partner

Dreampad used its years of psychoacoustic expertise to create unique technology that utilizes your bones’ natural ability to conduct sound to slow down your thoughts and help you fall asleep faster.

When the Sleep Pillow plays its music, it doesn’t emit sound, which can disturb your sleeping partner, but instead uses gentle vibrations, which are immediately felt through your bones even when you don’t have your ear to the pillow.

The gentle vibrations are carried through your bones to your nervous system and inner ear, producing a sensory-based and deeply calming effect, much more relaxing than just hearing music.

Dreampad has a built-in zippered pocket with a standard auxiliary audio jack. You can plug it into your MP3 player, phone or tablet and then tuck it into the pocket as it plays. Get the free iOS and Android compatible Dreampad app to access 5 preloaded music programs you can play through your Sleep Pillow or stream your own music.

Thin and firm with a 100% cotton shell, the hypoallergenic Sleep Pillow can sit flat on top of your normal pillow or be used as an insert inside your usual pillow’s case. Its compact size is ideal for travel and the Sleep Pillow is available in a thicker, softer version.

DreamPad Pillow Features and Benefits

  • Uses Intrasound vibration technology to deliver a deeper relaxation effect than normal audio
  • Developed by Dreampad, experts in cutting-edge psychoacoustic technology
  • Includes built-in zippered pocket and audio jack to stream music from your electronic device
  • Free iOS and Android compatible Dreampad app has 5 calming audios available
  • Thin, firm, hypoallergenic Sleep Pillow is great for travel use