Dodow-Metronome Light Sleep Aid System

Dodow is a sleep aid device that's helped over 150,000 users fall asleep faster using science-based guided breathing techniques.

What is Dodow?

Dodow is a small disk shaped device that sits on your bedside table and helps you fall asleep faster. Based on a survey of over 300 users, Dodow helps users fall asleep 2.5 times faster than normal.

Made in partnership with Unilux, the French leader in desk lamps, Dodow, like 2Breathe employs therapeutic breathing exercises to help lull you to sleep. But instead of using audio tones, Dodow uses light as a visual cue to guide your breathing.

Dodow Sleep Aid

How does Dodow work?

The device works by projecting a halo of blue light onto your ceiling which pulses at scientifically determined intervals. By synchronizing your breathing with the ryhthm of the light,  Dodow creates a relaxing hypnotic effect, stimulating what’s known as the baroreflex, a physiological mechanism that restores the balance to your autonomic nervous system.

The Dodow sleeping lamp is designed for people who have trouble falling asleep, a condition sometimes described as sleep onset insomnia. Dodow is also suitable for those who have trouble falling back to sleep after they have woken up at night.

The science behind Dodow

As part of the product development process, as well as the clinical evidence, scientists at Dodow looked at the existing scientific research about Pranayama, the yogic practice of controlling the breath  to slow down the respiratory rate. When practised as a relaxation technique this technique can replicate the type of brain activity that occurs only in deepest sleep.

Numerous studies (which you can read on Dodow's website) have shown that slower, controlled breathing is one of the best tools to ease stress and mental turmoil, helping people get to sleep faster. Dodow lets you achieve this relaxing effect,  lowering your heart rate so you feel drowsy and sleepy.

Dodow sleep aid breathing

How to use Dodow

To use it, place the white disc on a countertop next to your bed. Then, simply tap the touch-sensitive surface once for an 8-minute session and twice for a 20-minute session. Once finished, the device automatically shuts off.

Dodow runs on AAA batteries, no charging or wires needed. And because of its small size, it’s a perfect travel companion for business trips and vacations, and for help falling asleep when you're in an unfamiliar location like a hotel room.

 Features and Benefits

  • Uses rhythmically pulsing soft blue light to guide and slow your breathing rate
  • Has more than 60,000 users
  • Tap once for 8-minute session and twice for 20-minute session
  • Automatically shuts off for ease of use and battery saving
  • Small, compact unit runs off AAA batteries, making it an ideal travel companion

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