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Bedjet V2, the world's first climate control system bed heating and cooling

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Invented by ex-NASA spacesuit designer, Mark Aramli, Bedjet V2 is an innovative combined heating and cooling system that fits any bed and provides ultra-fast temperature control in just a few minutes.

Starting life with an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, then a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, this bed air conditioner has now risen to the #1 recommended bed heating/cooling product in America.

With BedJet you will never again wake up hot and sweaty, or have to get into a freezing bed wrapped in pajamas.

BedJet V2 uses advanced technology to direct a quiet, but powerful stream of air into your bed which you can control with pinpoint accuracy via the included remote control, or by using the Bluetooth enabled app on your smartphone.

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Version 2 of BedJet introduces biorhythm temperature control which helps you sleep deeper, longer and wake feeling more refreshed by optimizing your bed temperature with the natural fluctuations in core body temperature during your different sleep stages throughout the night.

Designed for ease of use, BedJet consists of a discreet underbed ventilation system which connects via a hose and nozzle to your mattress, providing on-demand heating and cooling in minutes.


During hot nights the patented ventilation system instantly wicks away body heat, and moisture from your bed allowing you to sleep comfortably even if you sweat heavily or experience hot-flashes during the night. BedJet has a proprietary sweat-mangement mode that is proven to remove body sweat from your bed and keep you more comfortable at night.


In contrast, BedJet's heating mode provides a full-bed 'dry sauna' like experience, warming the bed in just seconds. By turning on BedJet a couple of minutes before you sleep, your bed will be instantly transformed from a cold slab into a warm, inviting sanctuary. Not only is BedJet safer and more convenient than using an electric blanket, it also heats your bed 15 time faster.

BedJet's flexibility and ease of use also makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals and circumstances including the elderly, those with circulation problems, patients recovering from illness and athletes who want to optimise their sleep for better performance.

Remote Control and App

BedJet V2 includes a hardware remote control for pinpointing your ideal bed temperature. In addition there's a free Android or iPhone app which features a wake-up alarm, auto-shut-off timing, biorhythm sleep stage settings and custom profiles for setting different temperatures for each hour during the night.Single or dual zone options

Whilst the standard BedJet works as a single temperature zone across your bed, you can also opt for a dual zone system to give independent cooling options for you and your bed partner.

BedJet V2 Features and Benefits

  • save money by heating/cooling your bed instead of the whole house
  • universal fitting suits any bed, with single or dual systems available
  • no wires, tubes or electricity - a safe alternative to electric blankets
  • instant cooling for stuffy bedrooms, night sweats
  • instant heating for winter nights, cold limbs, the elderly
  • unique sleep-inducing biorhythm technology adjusts temperature in accordance with your sleep cycle

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