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AcousticSheep SleepPhones are the original comfort-first headphones designed for sleeping

Normal headphones and earbuds are usually not comfortable to wear all night. That’s why SleepPhones are made with a patented headband design made of lightweight, breathable fleece inset with ultra-thin, removable speakers.

SleepPhones are suitable for wearing all night and is ideal for side sleepers, who can often wake up with sore ears if they wear most other earphones to bed.

The SleepPhones are designed by AcousticSheep LLC, winner of multiple technical and design awards and one of the best-known makers of sleep headphones. Whether you need relaxing music to help you fall sleep or you need to block out outside noise, just put on the SleepPhones and attach the standard 3.5mm jack to your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.

You can pull the soft fleece headband over your eyes and it doubles as a sleep mask for nap times in your bed, on the couch or during air travel. The SleepPhones’s headband comes in 3 different sizes for a custom fit and in 3 different colors, gray, lavender or black, to fit your style. It’s also machine washable and made of recycled materials.

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Whether you have a partner who snores or you have a hard time sleeping on an airplane, the SleepPhones are a comfortable choice for at-home or travel sleeping headphones. Block out ambient noises and don’t wake up with sore ears anymore.

SleepPhones Features and Benefits

  • Made with soft fleece headband for maximum comfort – suitable for all-night wear
  • Plugs into any audio device with standard 3.5mm jack – play relaxing music, audiobooks, white noise or other sounds
  • Pull headband over your eyes and it doubles as a sleep mask
  • Made from recycled materials and has machine washable headband – simply remove earphones from slots
  • Comes in gray, lavender and black as well as 3 different sizes – find the style and size for you

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