2Breathe Sleep Aid
2breathe Sleep inducer
2breathe smart sleep aid

2Breathe is a smart sleep aid device and mobile app that helps you fall asleep with guided breathing tones

2Breathe calms your mind and relaxes your body using personalized sound tones to slow your breathing. Use it any time you have trouble falling asleep or when you want to reduce the effects of jet lag.

Here’s how it works.

Put the Bluetooth-enabled smart sensor band around your ribcage over your clothes and open the 2Breathe app on your smartphone. Then lie down in bed and close your eyes. As you inhale and exhale, the sensor wirelessly transmits feedback to your phone and gives you a custom, guided sound tone.

As your breaths follow the gradually slowing tone, you will drift to sleep. A session lasts only 10 minutes and the sensor automatically shuts off. You can take the sensor off when your session ends.

2Breathe provides a natural and safe solution – no need for sleeping pills. It was derived from RESPeRATE, an FDA-approved medical device proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Research has found that inability to fall asleep is often caused by intrusive thoughts and elevated stress levels. Deep breathing is proven to relieve stress and induce sleep.

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Benefits can often be seen right away and with regular use, deep breathing will become a part of your bedtime routine and you’ll no longer need the 2Breathe to fall asleep quickly and easily. Buy it worry-free with the manufacturer’s included 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

2Breathe sleep aid comes in 2 versions: Classic or Plus. The Plus includes a 60-day SleepAssured sleep coaching smartphone app program. The app acts as a personal coach – ensuring you use the device correctly, reviewing your sleep data and advising you on how to improve your sleep.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses sound tones to guide and slow your breathing to help you drift to sleep
  • Adapted from proven, FDA-approved medical technology designed to reduce stress
  • Uses Bluetooth breathing sensor to compose personalized music that guides your breathing
  • Natural, safe and proven solution – no need for sleep pills
  • Winner of CES 2017 Innovation award for its unique solution to sleep problems

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