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Zeus Anti-Snoring Wearable

What is Zeus?

Zeus is an innovative wearable using a brand new, patented non-invasive technology to prevent snoring and provide the wearer and their bed partner a relaxed night’s sleep. Zeus is a comfortable, flexible silcone device that sits under the chin and generates gentle electrical currents to stimulate the tongue muscles whenever snoring vibrations begin to be detected.

Zeus is the brainchild of renowned respiratory and sleep medicine expert Professor Joerg Steier, former Chair of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at King’s College London, President of the British Sleep Society (BSS), and consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Originally conceived around a decade ago, Professor Steier formed a research partnership with innovation technology company, Morgan IAT, and began to trial and develop a consumer device that would turn the concept into a real device consumers that could benefit snorers in the real world.

How does Zeus work?

Zeus attaches underneath the chin with disposable adhesive pads, and works by automatically delivering safe, imperceptible electrical impulses underneath the chin, in response to vibrations caused by the snorer at night. The electrical impulses cause the muscles in the tongue and the throat to contract, opening the airways for easy breathing and preventing snoring without waking the user.

Unlike other anti-snoring devices on the market such as chin-pads, tongue-retainers, mouth-guards and nasal strips, Zeus sits unobtrusively under the chin, allowing the wearer to move around at night, and sleep in any position without restriction. The micro-electrical currents are delivered at a range that’s imperceptible to the snorer, preventing you from waking up, but providing enough stimulation to target the tongue and throat muscles, redirecting the air-flow immediately.

The small compact device comes with a USB charging dock that sits on your bedside table as well as a storage unit/carrying case for travel.

Safety and effectiveness

Zeus is patented, CE marked (passes European healthy and safety regulations) and is currently awaiting FDA approval. Before launching to consumers, Zeus was recently trialled by members of the UK sleep health charity Hope2Sleep.

The study recorded participants sleep data and behaviours over 14 nights and found that 66% of participants experienced a notable reduction in their level of snoring, whilst 100% of participants rated the overall ease of use of the device as good to very good and found that the use of ZEUS had a minimal impact on their regular bedtime.

Features and Benefits

  • safe, non-invasive technology designed by sleep doctors
  • detects snoring before it happens, prevents you from waking up
  • more comfortable than chin guards or mouth pieces – allows for full movement throughout the night
  • convenient USB charging – includes travel case