sound+sleep white noise machine
Sound+Sleep #ASM1002
Sound + Sleep ASM1002
Sound + Sleep sound profiles

Sound + Sleep is an advanced sleep and relaxation device with unique customizable sound profiles
The ASM1002 Sound + Sleep is a high-quality sleep and relaxation sound machine featuring natural sound compositions to help relax your body and mind to ensure a deep and restorative night’s sleep.

The Adaptive Sound Technologies (previously EcoTones) Sound+Sleep features ten professional recorded sound ‘stories’; city, rainfall, brook, meditation, white noise, waterfall, fireplace, ocean, meadow and train each of which last up to half an hour.

Each of these sounds can be further customised with two additional ‘richness’ levels to create 30 separate sound profiles, providing a wide and varied range of audio tracks to lull you to sleep.

Because each sound track is constantly varying you won’t hear of the repetition or looping artefacts you often get in basic sound machines. This ensures a naturalistic, real-life soundscape in your bedroom.

The large 3 inch speakers face upwards to filling your room with sound and the night-time controls include a variable sleep timer and a ‘lights off’ mode to minimize sleep disturbance.

The patented adaptive technology  In addition, the automatic volume adjustment senses the ambient noise levels in your bedroom and adjusts the sound so that any unwanted environmental noise is efficiently masked.

Features and Benefits

  • patent-protected, scientifically designed non-looping sound programs
  • 3 inch speakers for high-quality audio reproduction
  • variable richness levels adds layers for more enhanced sound profiles
  • choose from natural environments or fan/white noise sounds
  • automatic volume control adjusts to ambient noise levels in your bedroom

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