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Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake-Up Light
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The Nature Bright Sun Bliss is a portable and convenient 10,000 lux light therapy and wake-up light

Packing a superbright 10,000 lux punch, The Nature Bright Sun Bliss is a twon-in- one sunrise dawn simulator and light therapy device. The dawn simulator wakes you peacefully and naturally, improving your mood and helping to regulate your daily sleep patterns. The light therapy device delivers the mood-boosting and body-regulating benefits of the sun without its harmful UV rays.

The LED light panel uses 10,000 lux, the recommended brightness to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), for bright light therapy that’s especially useful for alleviating winter blues when the sun is cloud-covered and natural sunlight is scarce.

An included diffuser shield protects your eyes by diffusing the bright light. As a wake-up light alarm clock, it starts to light up 30 minutes before your pre-chosen wake-up time. Over the 30 minutes, it gradually builds up to a full 10,000 lux brightness, filling your room with light as if the sun just rose over the horizon. If that isn’t enough to wake you, you can set an audible alarm tone just as the wake-up light reaches full brightness.

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The Sun Bliss is designed to be small and compact. Weighing just 2 lbs and small enough to fit in your carry-on, it’s a portable light therapy companion to take with you to school, work or when travelling. The bright lights don’t work on battery but come with an included universal adapter so you can draw power from any nearby electrical socket, no matter where you travel. The device’s 3-position adjustable stand adjusts to your preference – place it on your night stand or on your desk at work.

Nature Bright has been helping people with its range of light therapy products since 2001. When you need a purpose-built device for a natural morning wake-up or the mood-lifting benefits of bright light therapy, the Sun Bliss is a solid choice.

Features and benefits

  • Super-intense 10,000 lux bright light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Sunrise alarm on a 30-minute timer – wake up refreshed and full of energy
  • Compact and portable – take it with you to school, work or on vacation
  • Includes diffuser shield on the lamp to protect your eyes
  • Optional audible alarm tone to help you get up when wake-up light reaches full intensity

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