Eight Sleep Tracker Bed Warming
Eight Sleep Tracker: Track Your Sleep & Live Better
Eight Sleep Tracker Features
Eight sleep mattress cover
Eight Smart Mattress Cover

Eight is a sensor-filled mattress cover with advanced sleep tracking, bed warming and smart home integration (from $399)

Eight is a smart mattress cover designed to improve and personalise your sleep experience. Packed with technology, its biometric sensors provide accurate sleep tracking, measuring your heart-rate, breathing, motion and body temperature.

At the same time, Eight monitors your bedroom environment for temperature, humidity and noise levels. Eight can also warm your covers to create the perfect cozy temperature for each side of the bed.

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If that’s not enough there’s a white noise player, and a software platform than integrates with the new generation of ‘smart home’ technology including Philips Hue lighting and Nest thermostats.

With Eight you can view and discover your sleep trends and optimize your bedroom environment at the cutting edge of smart home technology.

Features and benefits

  • intelligent sleep tracking algorithms learns your ideal wake times
  • create a smart bedroom and control your Nest thermostat, Hue lights, door locks and more
  • fits any bed – works with individuals or couples
  • warms your covers to the ideal temperature for each user
  • access and create hundreds of automatic triggers with IFTTT*

*IFTTT is a software platform helps you connect to Amazon Alexa, social media,  Fitbit, Slack,, Google and hundreds more services

Eight Sleep AI-Powered Personalized Sleep Coach