Cozyphones sleeping heaphones

CozyPhones are versatile headband-style earphones designed for comfort and ease of use

The CozyPhones are another great choice for comfortable sleep headphones. These headphones have many similar features to the SleepPhones but come at a lower price. They’re made with a headband design with inset removable speakers. But, the headband is made of breathable Lycra, which is more suitable if you’re a ‘hot sleeper.’

The 1/8” cushioned removable speakers are housed in a mesh lining inside the machine-washable headband. The speakers are connected by a 1.5 meter braided anti-tangle cable to a standard 3.5mm stereo plug – which you can plug into your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Put on audiobooks, talk radio, white noise or music to help you relax during meditation or yoga or fall asleep during air travel, next to young children or next to a snoring partner.

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The headband comes in your color choice of black, gray, violet, camo or leopard and includes a handy travel bag to keep the headphones safe and secure. The CozyPhones are backed by a 100% money back guarantee by a family run business, so you can sleep easy knowing you made a good purchase.

Features and Benefits

  • Low profile speakers and headband design made for maximum comfort – especially useful for side sleepers
  • Features ultra-slim 1/8” removable speakers housed in mesh lining inside the headband
  • Headband made from Lycra instead of fleece – great for hot sleepers and athletic use
  • Perfect for all kinds of uses: air travel, relaxation, meditation, yoga, sports and treating insomnia
  • Includes travel bag and choice of fun headband colors: black, gray, violet, camo or leopard

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